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Assistance to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

Since the hurricanes swept through Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, FPPOA has received several emails and calls asking if we would be collecting funds to support our offices on those islands. Historically, the Association has voted to not collect funds for such events, and the board has recently decided the same again. The reasons for this include: choosing for which unfortunate disasters or events to have a collection and the uncertain method to distribute money collected. After researching such collections, we look to protect the Association, as well as districts and officers from unintended consequences, such as accounting issues, audits, tax obligations, and charitable gift restrictions.

However, FPPOA has and will continue to guide and refer its members wishing to donate to legitimate sites, go fund me pages, etc. For those effected in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, we are attaching the recent email from PPSO Chief Matt Rowland on how to provide assistance. FPPOA will also be spearheading these collections across the country with the assistance of its board members and district representatives. In addition, we have also discussed with Chief Rowland the possibility of temporary duty assignments for officers in both areas to assist with cleanup, and the possibility of leave donations to staff in those offices who may need that form of assistance.

We are also attaching in the following line a link to the Federal Court Clerk's Association, who is collecting funds for all of those districts recently effected by the hurricanes. http://www.fcca.ws

In recent conversations with officers effected by these events, it appears the need for assistance is great in many ways. The Board of FPPOA of course sends our thoughts and prayers to those struggling through this difficult time.

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Improving Public Safety Through Effective Community Reintegration Practices

NIC and CCCN are creating a DVD based training program designed to highlight effective community reintegration practices that will promote behavior change and recidivism reduction, enhance public safety, and save taxpayer dollars.


The United States criminal justice system manages a staggering 7 million adults and three quarter of a million juveniles - the majority of which will be returning to our communities. Justice professionals need to take a system-wide, evidence-based approach and work collaboratively if we want to improve public safety and increase the likelihood of success for those reintegrating back into our communities. The collateral consequences for someone involved in the justice system can be severe. For adults, these can include having a harder time finding a job, difficulty finding safe and sustainable housing, and interruptions in family dynamics and relationships. Juveniles can experience difficulties getting back on track with school and maintaining positive peer relationships. And while some of these consequences are unique to adult or juvenile populations, one consequence stands out as damaging for both: the difficulty of successfully reintegrating and connecting back to the community.

read more at: https://nicic.gov/improving-public-safety-through-effective-community-reintegration-practices

How the 2018 budget resolution process may impact you and your retirement

The passage of the House budget resolution is one small step in a long and complicated legislative process that may spark significant changes to the current federal retirement system.

Or, it may not.

Republicans are serious about enacting a budget resolution this year, which they see as the vehicle to put their top legislative priority — tax reform — in motion.

Budget resolutions set spending levels under broad legislative categories and aren’t presented to the president. They can also include “reconciliation instructions,” which set the procedures for enacting parts of the resolution into law.

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How a probation and parole officer should supervise sex offenders

Probation and parole officers must balance the needs of sex offenders with community safety

Most probation and parole officers do not enter the profession thinking they are going to supervise sex offenders. However, at some point in their career, their caseload will probably include a sex offender.

Supervising sex offenders can be more challenging and difficult than other cases due to additional rules, restrictions and laws sex offenders have to abide by, along with the treatment programs they have to participate in to be successful during their time on supervision.

click here to the full article at CorrectionsOne.com

U.S. Probation Officer Thomas Eric Gahl

U.S. Probation Officer Thomas Eric Gahl

Friday, September 22, 2017, marks the thirty-first anniversary of Thomas Gahl's line-of-duty death in the in the Southern District of Indiana.  His sacrifice serves as a constant reminder how the routine functions of our position carry the potential for danger.  Every day, across the system, federal probation and pretrial services officers carry out similar activities.    Please take a moment to review the article previously posted in News & Views.

News & Views - October 26, 2015

U.S. Probation Officer Thomas Eric Gahl (Indiana Southern) Tom Gahl was born in Valparaiso, Indiana, on December 14, 1947. He became a United States probation officer on March 14, 1975. 


Hurricane Harvey Support (FPPOA)

FPPOA has received several inquiries from its members asking how they could help those effected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. We have recently been in touch with Chief Shane Ferguson, Eastern District of Texas, who has sent out the below email and link. If you would like to assist, this below link will help those officers and staff directly effected by the hurricane. We at FPPOA send our thoughts and prayers to those in Texas, as well as those in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Florida, and the southeast coast who are potentially facing a long weekend as well.

"I appreciate the many kind words and offers of assistance you have made. Many have asked how you can be of help; therefore, I am sending this out to you to do with whatever you deem appropriate. We have set up a Go Fund Me account to assist those that may need financial assistance. There will be some significant needs - for example, one officer whose house had up to seven feet of water had no flood insurance (he was not in the 100 year flood plan). The funds will be dispersed proportionately to those who need it. 

Obviously, this is a voluntary campaign and I am trying to be very careful to ensure that I am not soliciting money, rather I am just providing a way for people to help. If you feel comfortable in sharing with your staff, please do. If you do not, I understand that too.  Again, thanks for all your kind words and offers of help." 



Officer Safety - Fentanyl Exposure


For the second time in three days, law enforcement officers in Cincinnati had to be rushed to the hospital.

On Friday, two Hamilton County probation officers came into contact with what's believed to be the powerful opiate fentanyl.

As a result, a county government building at 800 Broadway became a kind of bio-hazard site for about an hour.

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Turning Leaf Project Provides T-Shirts for Upcoming NTI

At the upcoming NTI in Championsgate, Florida, attendees will have the opportunity to purchase t-shirts containing the FPPOA logo. These shirts were printed by Turning Leaf of Charleston, South Carolina. Turning Leave serves men who have been assessed at a medium to high risk of incarceration to change their attitudes, thinking and behavior so they can adapt successfully to community based living without re-offending. Turning Leaf runs an in-house screen print business, which teaches a trade to men recently released from prison, and is a training ground to prepare them for job placement in the community. FPPOA has partnered with Turning Leaf on these t-shirts, in order to support their mission and goals.

Learn More at TurningLeaf.org


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